i really feel like i’ve lost myself in this big ol’ city. i hardly recognize who i am anymore. my last visit to new york i felt transformed, i discovered so much about myself, so much that i loved - but now i feel like im fading from myself, unraveling. Since i’ve been living here this past year i dont know who i am anymore or where i belong. all i know is that for now, he completes me, makes me feel whole and full of life…so for now I’ll just stay by his side.

I am Reptar! Hear me ROAR!

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Hanalei beach sunset (Taken with Instagram at Hanalei Beach)

Beach day was a success, jump for joy! (Taken with Instagram at Long Beach)

Crab shack! β˜€ (Taken with Instagram at Crab House At Two Mile Landing)

Weekend lodgings (Taken with Instagram at Avalon, NJ)

Treats (Taken with Instagram)

Caramel banana French toast. ‘nuff said (Taken with Instagram at The Paramount)

Breakfast indulging (Taken with Instagram)

(Taken with Instagram)

Birthday surprise 🎁 (Taken with Instagram)

Birthday month 🎈 (Taken with Instagram)

4th of July πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (Taken with Instagram at 505 W 37)

The sky is falling (Taken with Instagram)

The best πŸ“ (Taken with Instagram at Long Beach)

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